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After having spent most of my professional career in the investment management field, I realized that there is no asset class that can match Trust Deeds for it's risk-return characteristics. Although many professional investors can manage money, very few think about managing risk. With the volatility in the markets over the last 20 years, it is clear that RISK MANAGEMENT is the most important aspect of capital preservation and appreciation.

Looking at my own personal portfolio, I came to the conclusion that my Trust Deed Investments outperformed all other asset classes over a period of over 15 years, with substantially less risk. The problem is that not all Trust Deed Investments and corresponding Brokers are created equal. It was difficult to find investments that were solid. It was even more difficult to find Brokers with honesty and Integrity. That is when I decided to start Integrity Capital.

We pride ourselves in being completely professional in all our contacts with investors and borrowers. We thoroughly analyze each and every loan request to determine the viability of each deal. We adhere to the utmost standards of integrity, conducting business by the rules and regulations of the Department of Real Estate and Department of Corporations. Finally, we invest in each loan with you so that our interests are perfectly aligned.

Thomas Ahn

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